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17 December 2006 @ 08:02 am
Updates & Upgrades  

Just a quick update: Jinx is still transferring stories and members from the old server to the new for the Fanfiction archive, and she is nearly completed. Just so you know that we haven't forgotten about this and we're not leaving you guys dangling.

In the meantime, while Jinxie works on Fanfiction, I've got another project on my hands...

Invision Power Board has released their 2.2 version. I've seen the demos, and I've been knocking around with a few people who work at IPB and I will say this about IPB 2.2: AMAZING!! Really, there isn't much arguing there. I give you screencappage:

Admin CP

Memberlist (taken on another site I haunt)

Profile View (blank)

Profile View (somewhat full - again, another site I haunt)

Post Screen (Top)

Post Screen (Bottom)

The upgrade would work out a lot of the bugs I've been trying to fix with our current version (and they [bugs] suck. SUCK I TELL YOU! *headdesk*), plus a lot of the modifications I've installed on our current version to make it all nifty come standard in 2.2 (hallelujah!) and we'd get some other nifty stuff as well.

Cosmetically, I've got a skin ready that is somewhat simliar to the Darkness skin we have now (although Poison hasn't been upgraded for 2.2, so we would lose it) and I've found a really cool holiday-themed skin I'll put in. And we're plotting a couple of neat skins that we think you guys will enjoy a lot, but I'm keping them a surprise for now. ;)

The upgrade either very, very late tonight or early Monday morning (we're talking somewhere between 11pm-3am PST). The site would be down for 20 minutes to an hour while the upgrade is done. If, for some reason, things take longer than an hour, I will reopen PP2 temporarily.

If you have any questions, you're welcome to PM me at any time. Thank you! ^_^

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