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23 October 2006 @ 06:42 pm
The server move has begun!  

Happy Monday everyone! It's time to give you more info on our upcoming server move. The server move HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN! Jinx and I are prepped, on the ball, and ready to rock and roll and get this thing over with! As Jinx mentioned earlier, Phoenix Prophecy will be down about 2 days (we have a lot of stuff to move over!) The move has started - it'll be a few minutes still before we loose our current connection to Phoenix Prophecy, but it is going to vanish for 2 days. So to pass the time until we get PP back, I give you... 

Phoenix Prophecy 2!! 

That is where we'll be hanging out during the downtime. That is also the primary place where we will be keeping everyone informed of updates on the server move, although for updates you can also check out things here. So that's where we'll be - feel free to head on over there, create your account, and start posting. PP2 will stay online until we get PP1 back. If anyone has any questions, please send a PM to either myself or to Jinx on PP2, or comment here.

Thanks everyone!

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